21 November 2006

Deception point

i am currently reading "Deception point" by Dan Brown.
the story has been written really well and is like his other books - fast paced and gripping. the location of the plot is what is always different about Dan Brown's books...this one is in the freezing Arctics...i was just not able to visualize how it looks on top of the Milne Ice Shelf and therefore decided to look up where this island is actually located .

the Milne Ice Shelf is the second largest ice shelf in the Arctic Ocean, on the north-west coast of Ellesmere Island in north Canada.
Iceberg calving is breaking off of the ice
Isopods are similar to woodlice.
West wing of the White house is the building which houses the President's office - the Oval office. some interesting details and photos can be found here :
East wing of the White house is the building which houses the First Lady's office.
I did not know Franklin Delano Roosevelt used a wheelchair...

the plot and a basic visual of the NASA setup at the Milne Ice Shelf can be found here :
interesting trivia : the main plot may have been inspired by a meteorite from Mars that was found in antarctica in 1984 and was initially mistakenly believed to contain fossils of ET life.

the thing about Dan Brown's books is that it teaches u something new about a different place...ofcourse all that is written is debatable as seen in several websites...nevertheless, it makes u at least look up on the actuals.

with the Da vinci code, it was most of paris and france and a lot to do with christian history of which i now realise know only bits and pieces inspite of having studied in a convent school for about 7 yrs!