11 February 2007

Page 3

The other day, while surfing channels on TV, we tuned into a channel showing the movie “Page 3”. Until the movie had been released, I used to wonder…what is Page 3 anyway?? I had never understood why the inside pages of supplement of many newspapers carried photos of some totally unknown-to-me people who partied in places that I had never heard/been to in Bangalore. Some newspapers are more about ‘seeing’ than about ‘reading’. These have more news about glamorous people; about rich socialites and celebrities …who is having an affair with whom and why…etc etc… gossip that is fodder for the otherwise idle brain.

Well, turning back to ‘Page 3’, the movie struck a chord in me. Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies have a different storyline in each movie…the cast is excellent and the issues covered make you think. A lot of issues concerning high-profile people have been explored here through different protagonists. Big-time scandals -- disturbed families, depression leading to suicide, cheating spouses, wife-swapping, drug peddling, child prostitution and casting couches -- unfold here.

After watching the movie, the next day, ‘Page 3’ of the newspaper made me wonder what the lives of these people really are. Behind the pretty looking faces and designer clothes, one may find many dysfunctional characters… each person’s life has a shocking reality…a story which probably is best if it remains untold!


  1. Few days after the movie, I came across a news item, which was exactly same as the orphanage sequence in Page3.
    Bhandarkar's recent movie traffic signal is getting lot of bad reviews though.

  2. I agree with the comment some newspapers are more about "seeing" than "reading" esp the TOI ...
    If you notice, TOI is 15+ pages of Page 3!!! :-)

    Page 1 covers salacious gossip and sex details of national and world politicians
    Page 2 covers salacious gossip and sex details of city politicians
    Business Page covers salacious gossip and sex details of businessmen and the corporate employees
    Sports Page covers salacious gossip and sex details of sportsmen and their spouses/girlfriends

    ... see what I mean? :-D