7 March 2007

A magnificent sight

Sunday, 4th March, the early morning sky was a treat to the sleepy eyes. Between 3 and 6am, a celestial event - total lunar eclipse – took place. The earlier night, my mother had reminded us of the same and accordingly, Kaustubh set the alarm. We witnessed this phenomenon from the comfort of our balcony in different phases -- partial, almost and fully eclipsed moon. All I can say was that in the coolness of the night, the sight was simply spectacular and will remain in memory for a long time to come!!

1 comment:

  1. Nothing gets me outta bed at 3 AM...unless u have ..lets see....
    No....nothing gets me outta bed at 3 AM :)

    Now I understand the origins of Luna-tic better ... in this case of Astronomical proprtions :)) Hehe ..

    Chill maadi :)