10 May 2007

15 Park Avenue

Last night I was watching this movie "15 Park Avenue" on TV, back to back with "Woh Lamhe"...seems like the theme(dose) for the day on SonyTV was Schizophrenia. I liked both movies for their storyline and cast.
"Woh Lamhe" is supposedly based on the life of Parveen Babi and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt. The director Mohit Suri's earlier movie "Kalyug" is also a movie worth watching.
A well written review of the movie "15 Park Avenue" is available here :
I've always loved to see Konkana Sen Sharma act onscreen alongside Rahul Bose. Shabana Azmi's acting is simply brilliant. Both their characters are very well portrayed. The end is left open for the audience's imagination..."what happens next??" is the question that remains in your mind for quite some time! :)
Overall, one fine movie!

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  1. full travelogues huh!!! nice.. i have to visit uttrakhnad sometime... -ameya