25 July 2007

चीनी fry भेजा कम

Last weekend, we watched two movies...Cheeni Kum and Bheja Fry...

Cheeni Kum : a light-hearted comedy...well-scripted, well characterized and even more wonderfully enacted. The movie has been shot in London and depicts many realistic situations. Amitabh Bachchan in his Versace glasses looks cool and stylish...Tabu reminds you of Shabana Azmi...Zohra Sehgal is fun to watch. A well written storyline of the movie can be read here :


Bheja Fry : Mr. Bharat Bhushan really really gets on your nerves! :-) a simple plot about a simpleton who was supposed to be a scapegoat for a party. How the tables turn and what happens in one long night is the whole gist of the story...the character of Mr. Bharat Bhushan has been very well defined...do watch the movie! :-)


  1. Hey psp2kor :)

    Me really missing the desi movie scene out here :(

    Planning to perform the dastardly act of downloading cheeni kum one of these days though :D Not quite the same but will make do

  2. way already dastardly enough to watch both here :)

    liked the character played by Tabu.. though the ending was way too messy to watch.

    Glad to see some movies at least not going the typical bollywood way...