24 November 2007

Express yourself...

I was at the Airtel office some time back. While waiting for my turn, I happened to notice a wall that was particularly interesting as it had words that one would typically use to express feelings/emotions 'Say yes, Say no, Say something, Say anything... Confuse, compliment, connive, console, collaborate, compel, compromise' etc.
I remember the Airtel TV ads too were brilliant and well portrayed. They were mostly in black and white, without any brand ambassador and scenes that rung emotional bells. At the end of it was the signature A R Rehman Airtel tune and the coming together of many candles to form a giant sign of peace. There was one more with celebrities... I managed to dig out some taglines:
Churchill- Two can win a war
Sachin-One finger can break a billion hearts
King- One dream can change the world
Khan- Some can dissolve boundries
Lama-One whisper can inspire hope
Lata- One voice can move a nation
Berlin Wall collapse- One act of defiance can spark a revolution

Kudos to the Airtel campaign...it really connects! :-)

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