19 October 2008

III Commonwealth youth games, Pune

Yesterday kaustubh and i had been to the Third Common-wealth youth games that were held in Balewadi sports complex Pune. i remember kaustubh first telling about this event last year when we'd just moved to pune...i used to frown on the bad condition of the main roads of pune then...pune being kaustubh's hometown, he was trying his best to show me the brighter side of things in the city. in the past few months, there has been a pleasant change in the look of the city.. a dramatic face-lift of the roads of pune city. the main roads are almost smooth, with tiled footpaths, footpath benches, lane-lines, direction boards and the noticable light-green/light blue painted walls with the CYG sports logos. at major junctions, you'd notice a statue of "Jigrr" (the official mascot of CYG 3) waving happily.

Coming back to yesterday, we had booked our tickets online last week for the tennis finals. i was really excited as i'd never actually seen a "live" international sport ever! we parked our car near the point from where the colourful CYG buses to the sports complex started. we reached the complex and after all formalities (security check, ticket check etc) were done, we went straight to the tennis court to watch the boys singles final...the court, audience, media all packed into one was an amazing experience! after the prize distribution, kaustubh and i walked all over the complex exploring the campus. as most of the events were over, we were allowed to walk around anywhere. we saw the boxing arena, swimming pool (swimming tracks have been equipped with Omega systems!), the badminton courts (similar to the prakash padukone courts in bangalore), the shooting range and the athletics stadium. a lot of young boys and girls walking along wore t-shirts which had "Shaimak"in bold below which was his registered trademark "Have feet, will dance"! :-) some kids were in colourful "bhangara" clothes. all were in later for a dress-rehersal for grand closing ceremony later in the night. there were people from all parts of the world. big screens showing a re-cap of previous matches had been put up in many places. the food stalls had a variety of dishes to offer. the merchandise store, however, was small and crowded. i really liked the warli-based pictograms depicting the 9 sports that were held in Pune.

in general, the event as a whole had been well organized.as the day became sunnier, our enthu was fast diminishing as we decided to end the excursion. we rode back on the CYG bus to get into our car-now-turned-into-a-boiler. overall, a memorable experience! i only hope (like all others) that this infrastructure lasts!!
watch this site for more: http://cygpune2008.com/

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