21 December 2008


Today we'd been to an award-winning play "Achalayatan" presented by PDA at the Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune. This play has been written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1912.
Originally a 6-act Bengali play, its been translated to Marathi by the writer-director of the play Pradeep Vaidya. In the prologue, a person narrates the story of Achalayatan to a king.
As i quote from the "Achalayatan Diary" which can be read at length here:
Achala means rigid, immovable, fixed and aayatan means abode, home. It is a play that speaks about systems - rigid, flexible, unbound. It is about change and one's reaction to it. It is about asking questions. It is about listening to your inner voice.
Overall, superb acting, superb set(the night scene with star-studded sky, the full-moon night scene, the sitting on the sea-shore-with-high-waves scene), many unnecessarily long pauses, bad spots (every actor's face was in dark inspite of standing in spotlight), good choreography and an unnecessary prologue...here's a photo of the play captured on kaustubh's mobile:

do watch it if you get to!
Some info on the book "Achalayatan: The Petrified Place":

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  1. Thank you for your 'reaction' on my play! It was a surprise to me when I came across this web-page in my 'just like that'search on Google for 'Achalayatan'