6 March 2009

Firodiya Karandak: A Kaleidoscope of youth talent

Just got back home after watching the final performance of the Firodiya Karandak...all I can say is that I am really lucky to have got to watch it this year even if it were only the final performance.
"Firodiya Karandak (/Cup)" is an annual inter-college drama competition where you’d get to see a collage of different arts. It is not just a drama competition...it is more of a competition of the maximum talent that the college can present as a group! Everything is done live…orchestra, lights, dance (western and Indian classic), painting, pottery and so much more! I’ve heard that famous artistes like Sonali Kulkarni, Mrunal Kulkarni, Ajay of ‘Ajay-Atul’ fame, have all been byproducts of Firodiya Karandak. It is no wonder that students who like theatre are so drawn by these competitions!

I’ve been hearing about Firodiya and Purushottam from Kaustubh and seniors and friends in Yuva. What it meant in true spirit is something I got to know and experience only today!
As an outsider to the competition, getting tickets for Firodiya is very hard! Every morning, my office bus would pass the Yashwantrao Chavan auditorium (where initial rounds of the competition were held) and every time I saw the banner ‘Firodiya Karandak ‘, I would wish that we could watch at least one play.

Today we got to watch plays by the top 2 winning teams – VIT, COEP and the jury’s award winning team of Ferguson. I’ve heard that the performance on the day of the prize distribution is never as good as the original one. Well…whatever! At least we got to watch something! :-)
Excited chattering of the college crowds and the loud cheering by the students for their respective colleges made the breaks between the plays entertaining for us. Kaustubh was getting all nostalgic on seeing the different COEP jerseys. Overall, we liked the drama by COEP – the highlight being the radium show - very good set, some cool basic engineering displays too! Drama by VIT was more variety in talent that wowed the audience many a times – the shadow play, sand-art, puppet show, old movies theme, all were really cool. Ferguson had a different/hat-ke presentation – the play had a lot of elegant and well choreographed dances.

Today’s experience was a real treat to the senses! A true Kaleidoscope of art! We were left wanting more! I wish we get to watch Purushottam too!!

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