17 August 2011

Huckaback embroidery

Visits to my mother's place inspire me each time to do something creative. When on one such visit, I found one of my earliest pieces of embroidery...Huckaback (or Swedish darning) table cloth.

This had been done when I was about 10 years old. Back then, we'd been asked to do something for 'embroidery' in Handwork class. With aai's help, I'd manage to sail through such ordeals with ease! :)

So, here I was wishing I do Huckaback again. It had to be something quick and at the same time, useful. In a jiffy, mum showed me lots of Huckaback patterns from the huge collection of books that she owns and has carefully preserved over 30 years now.
Ok! I had the patterns but getting the Huckaback fabric proved elusive. Eventually, after a lot of hunting (and in the process discovering new stores) in different cities, we found the cloth in 'Bombay Dyeing' (its called towel cloth).

Here is something I've managed to do:

Today, while searching on the net for some more patterns, I hit upon quite a number of good websites. Here's one good link on Swedish darning :

Going through them has a very humbling process as I've realized that there are many talented people out there doing lots of creative things in life!
Well, for now, its me and my needlework! :)

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  1. do keep us posted. also don't forget to upload photos.