2 August 2011

Toy Story 2

Well, after a really long time, we actually got to watch a complete movie on TV with Siddharth around (or rather he let us watch it without complaining...thank you my dear!). Missing out on the initial 10 minutes did not actually matter. Being Tom-Hanks-fans, both Kaustubh and I could not resist this one.

Complete plot: http://pixar.wikia.com/Toy_Story_2

The characterization of all the toys is absolutely brilliant...each is a star in itself and you cannot help adore all of them - especially Mr. Potato head and Hamm. What is good to see is that there is no violence in the entire movie.
I loved one scene where the repairman (not to miss his hi-fi suitcase) says "Art cannot be rushed" and cleans up Woody so lovingly that his eyes shine and reflect the room in front of him...superb animation there! The song "You've got a friend in me" has got good lyrics.

Overall, I liked the movie and am now keen to watch “Toy Story” the prequel.

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  1. priti you must watch toy story 1 too. the movie so beautifully captures the fine nuances of growing up. toy story was brilliant too. we too loved the movie and so did ashwin and ishan :)
    the story is so good that you hardly feel you are watching an animation movie meant for kids.