13 June 2012

On Sharing

My husband and I alternately take our son Siddharth to the park every evening. There are all kinds of kids in a public park. Just as Sid excitedly sat on one of the swings today, a small girl came running to us asking me to get Sid to vacate the swing as she wanted to sit. Thankfully, her mum caught up with her and asked her to wait for her turn. Considering the maturity shown by the parent, I told the kid that she could sit on the swing after about two minutes.

"It is difficult to teach these kids to share", said the lady with a resigned expression. “I was at my daughter's school today. In the parent-teacher's meeting, we had a discussion on how to teach the ‘sharing concept’ to a child when it is so unnatural to an adult" she said.

True! It is difficult for adults to share anything. If I was asked to share something with someone, my reaction would probably be “why should I?". Also, one might consider sharing with relatives and friends. But why share anything with a stranger? Especially, if the object to be shared is limited, one would rather fight it out than share – similar to the 'survival of the fittest'.

I guess the feeling of sharing has also got something to do with feeling content. Only when you've had the satisfaction, you are ready to give.

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