2 January 2007

On being a Global Indian

I recently read an article on "Changing India"…here is something I liked :
Being a global Indian is as much about taking pride in your land of origin as it is about transcending that innate Indian-ness and striding the global shoulder-to-shoulder with the best.

Today the reach of the Indian abroad has widened appreciably since the days a sole tabalji would perform in the USA, the Femina Miss India was the sole representative of the Indian beauty on foreign soil and Raj Kapoor was the face of India for Russia.


To quote from "Wings of fire", an autobiography of the President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam :

The trouble with Indians [was] not that they
lacked educational opportunities or industrial
infrastructure - the trouble was in their
failure to discriminate between disciplines
and to rationalise their choices,

Read the following :


  1. hello priti...
    Global indian is seen as global market interests in India.Last fifty years many travelled all around and worked hard, they need identity and may be a shouting with the ideas of growth.If a farmer exports cotton he is also a global indian, if not simply an indian!
    Imagine that you decide not to export then if you buy a seed modified genetically by a global firm you are still a global indian....a nice name given for participation.
    Remember you cannot force participation!

  2. if you want to take pride...why not meet eachother and display our talents. I remember your drama and it was cool and pride was deserving!