7 March 2012

A few days back, the movie "Baby Boom" was featured on MGM. It tells the story of a smart woman and what she is capable of. Diane Keaton has portrayed the role of a strong-minded woman beautifully.

The plot is this:
A business woman, J.C.(Diane Keaton) has no time in her life for anything except her fast-paced, high-profile job. All this changes when she inherits a baby from a deceased cousin ( who has no other family but her) whom she has not met for many years.
Though she manages to take things in her stride, professionally, she is seen as 'not up to the mark' anymore (in spite of having worked her way up to the corporate ladder) and is sidelined.
She quits this fast, cut-throat competitive life and moves to the countryside after purchasing a big estate in Vermont. Not having inspected the house before purchasing it, she finds that it is riddled with problems. Almost on the verge of a financial and mental breakdown, she finds an opportunity for making money and slowly gets back on her feet.

Her business flourishes and her gourmet baby food begins to get rave reviews - so much so that her ex-company takes notice and makes her a 'wow' offer which she refuses.

The baby - Elizabeth - is just too cute! :-) Diane Keaton is terrific. The 'Mr. Charming' vet did not seem that charming to me! :-) The movie has lots of fun moments as the drama unfolds.

It is sad to see the careers of so many talented young ladies,esp in corporate India, take a beating because of them giving priority to their personal life.
A boy and a girl join as freshers, are both intelligent and hard-working...but somewhere down the line, the same personal reasons(getting married/having babies) can mean different things to them individually. Sad but true! :-(

Well, this is one must-watch movie for any smart woman! :-)
Wishing all women a very happy "International Women's day" in advance! :-)

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